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The name and codeword for a beer with the herb mugwort added to access the somewhat powerful effects of mugwort and alcohol.

espeically appropriate when people too young to drink alcohol are talking about it in public or over the phone and don't want to explicitally say "beer".

some alternative names are mugwort 'tinciture', mug, mug drink, or, less commonly used too avoid confusion, mugwort/mug tea (confusion because these are more commonways to consume the herb mugwort.

Mugwort drink is a more crude, available, safer, tastier and cheaper to make spinoff of "absinth", a drink made from wormwood (a more intense plant related closely to mugwort) and everclear.

Typically, at least a half of gram of mugwort must be soaking in a beer for at least three hours before it can be considered "mugwort drink".
That's nothing, I drank 5 mugwort drinks and I was riding red and purple waves of twilight while arguable half in a coma
by Johnnyjeffchief May 01, 2011
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