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Andrew decided to muck Jenny's bin after a long sweaty hockey practice.

1. Andrew unzipped her pants, enjoyed the aroma of the exposed vagina, which inhibited his performance of muckin' bin.

2. Must be done long enough to ensure the web beneath your tongue is in excruciating pain the next morning.

Technique: Variety of different ways which include the Jawbreaker, the PleasureTreasure, the Dangling Worm, the Meat Grinder, or the Full Throttle Muck.
by MeatWallet April 15, 2009
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the name for the action of eating out a woman. many men pride themselves for their wider variety of bin mucking techniques.
Jose: Aw dude, you got with sheryl last night!?
peter: yeah man
Jose: You get the kill!?
Peter: nah dude she was done after i mucked her bin
Jose: oh well dude, no girl ever complained about a guy whos good at muckin bins
by mudpuppy69 December 20, 2010
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