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A theraputic boarding school located about 25.6 miles outside of prinville oregon. Ages range from 14-18 years of age. A Place that has workshops that your forced to be in and if you leave your at the program longer. food and sleep deprivation, physical exhaustion, mental abuse and cruel punishment and forced embarrisment. Where your yelled at for being a piece of shit and a drunk. A place that makes you feel like shit.A place that lies to the parents of the students and says your student is great here and deny every bad thing there ever said to you. A place where kids who go there are put through so much shit. A place where you cant help but be depressed. A place where they bribe you with food and candy and a fire in the fire place to say good things about them to the investigators and parents.A place where your yelled at constantly and have power hungrey staff taking your clothes from you because they think there inapropriate when its just a plain white t-shirt. A place who rips your friends away from you when there the only thing you got and makes it to where you cant talk to them. A threating, abusive, misguiding place. Youll meet the best friends of your life there, but when you dont expect it, there gone. because of the staff.
A place where your put down for being you. A place i went to and will never forgive.
girl-"i wish i could bring all my friends and get away from here"
boy-" to. Ive never been so sad/mad in my life."
girl-"the only thing we have to look forward to is each getting out of here, in one more year."
then well finally be away from Mt. Bachelor academy.
by itsallbehindthescene July 16, 2009
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