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A long-running children's TV show on PBS. Mister Rogers' Neighborhood was deliberately simple and straightforward, marked by Rogers' purposeful actions and soothing voice. Every show he would enter his home, take off his jacket and shoes, and put on a sweater and comfortable footwear while offering a welcome for his viewers.

The slow-paced show offered an alternate universe to most of today's quick-edit cartoon children's programming. On the eve of his final show, Rogers told CNN's Jeff Greenfield he looked at the program as more than entertainment; it was a chance to reach young people and give them a foundation for a good life.

Through the years, Rogers featured artists ranging from cellist Yo-Yo Ma to bodybuilder-actor Lou Ferrigno. He dealt with the death of pets and divorce, while teaching children to love themselves and others. During the Persian Gulf War, he made a series of public service announcements telling parents how to talk to their children about war.

His recurring characters included Mr. McFeely and Lady Elaine Fairchilde, as well as puppets King Friday the Thirteenth, Daniel Striped Tiger and Curious X the Owl.
When the host of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood died, the godwhacks from Westboro Baptist Church protested at his funeral, because Mr. Rogers never said bad things about homosexuals.
by Ian December 07, 2004
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To run a train (or in Mr. Rogers case, a trolley) on a girl, preferably a neighbor, then change back into your clothes real fast and bounce out the door like Mr. Rogers.
Me and my friends totally just did a Mr. Rogers Neighborhood on that girl.

Look, that's the girl that got the ol' Mr. Rogers neighborhood treatment.
by Jason Cass July 05, 2008
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