A common term used for pulling the hood of someones sweater over their head.
It's Mr. Pants!
by ThatGuyWithoutTheGlasses February 26, 2011
A moody man, who is often rude and blunt with his interactions with others. He does not mean to sound rude...but he is just too intelligent to respond to inquiries that require more than a yes or no answer. These Mr. Grumpy pants men are often well read and just need a hug. Good luck with that one! Hugs are not Mr. Grumpy Pants favorite thing to do.
The best way to respond to him is to tell him how much you love and respect him. At first, this may seem like a daunting task. You can say, "Listen Mr. Grumpy pants, i told you that i love you and i'm not taking it back!" Then, slowly turn and walk away. He may even smile at ya if you look back. Dont get your feelings hurt if he does not. After all...he is Mr. Grumpy Pants.
by Reverse Osmosis July 16, 2014
When a grown man has many temper tantrums over stupid insignificant situations such as someone not sharing a burrito with him. There names are usually michael. They have an urge to hit thinks such as lockers, walls or females. Their tantrums usually last for about 30 min to a day. They are lame. And if want them to get over it, then option 1: leave them alone, option 2: call them mr. pissy pants in a cookie monster voice. Or just leave them alone or deal with the beatings, and expect bruises.
mr pissy pants: can i have some of your burrito
other person: no
Mr pissy pants: *blank angry look
other person: AWWWW MR. PISSY PANTS!!!! hahahah
by Yiv January 11, 2010
A pet name reserved for only the best male lover.

Usually given to a man who exhibits a nice thick package and knows how to use it.
Hey there Mr. Snuggle Pants, Misty wants to Play!

Bryan is a total Mr. Snuggle Pants.
by JustIndecent November 24, 2011
A person who stalks a person and finds out almost everything about them. I.E. - Their new job, where they live, their phone number, etc. But, still like them, so instead of calling them just a "STALKER!!!!", it is more of a joke, so it's "Mr. Stalker Pants"
Teacher: Wow Mr. Stalker Pants, your stalking abilities sease to amaze me.
Student: I know, I know.
by Paul A. November 15, 2006
A grumpy male with such a poor attitude, it would lead you to believe that he might just have a pile of poop sitting in his pants.
Babies are always grumpier when they have poop in their diapers... Thus a Mr. Poopy Pants
by Tet September 5, 2013
Someone who is prone to untimely and sometimes painfull shit pains, from which this person cannot restrain his or her bowels and is forced to soil themselves. Sometimes more than once. This can result in total embarrassment by the subjects parents especially if he or she goes home and needs a towel to enter the house and the parent refuses to get said towel without explanation.
His brother Chris, is the infamous Mr Poopy Pants of south jersey.
by j burg February 13, 2008