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Better known by his other stage name Tony Yayo.

(Also Mr. 12/12 58/58, Mr. 12 12 58 58 etc.)

Tony Yayo, born in Southside Jamaica Queens in 1977, is part of the rap group G-Unit. Even if you don't know him, you'v seen him makin hype on every 50 Cent's show. He has got a lot of haters, but obviously - he doesn't care.

Tony Yayo released one official album - Thoughts of a Predicate Felon (August 30, 2005, G-Unit Interscope). Now he's back on the street level, producing or hosting hot mixtapes. Recommended: S.O.D.(Swimmies on deck) and Black Friday.

Tony Yayo (born as Marvin Bernard) gave himself his stage name Mr. 12 12 58 58 after his drug dealer nick name, referring to his past.
Same with "Tony Yayo" - Tony - T.O.N.Y. = Talk Of New York, "Yayo" = cocaine, crack - the drug Tony was specialized on. Phrase YAYO got popular especially after spectacular movie The Scarface.

"Aww nigga do you know what this is
One shot one kill whats the deal G-UNIT!
Aww nigga do you know who you with
It's Tony Yayo up in this bitch!"

Tony Yayo - So Seductive

"Ya'll niggas can't rap ya'll ain't got no money
Broke ass niggas
Its the real Talk Of New York
Niggas tryin to bite my name and shit while I'm gone ha ha
Top Of New York nigga I'm changin' my shit, a.k.a. 12 12's 58 58's nigga
I did that just cause the playoffs is right now
You bumass niggas"

Tony Yayo aka Mr. 12 12, 58 58 - NYC, Where I'm From
by Heartless_monster January 19, 2009
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