Someone you dont wanna get in bed with. Shoots red sperm.
He was shit in bed. Must of been a Mr Crabs.
by Reus May 28, 2015
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mr. crabs is a crab, that has the crabby crab smell in a crabby way that makes him crabby. he is a crabby crab.
mr. crabs: im in a mood, a moody mood, the kind of mood that has me feeling.. moody.
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A thicc ass crab you dont want in your bed.
Mr. Crabs is Raping me This isnt fake im serious oh go helplrgpouhrg
by icantfindanameso December 18, 2019
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Corrupt admins and a non functioning Minecraft server. The best discord server you will ever join and fuck you Ezra.
I can't wait to join STARGOBLIN MR. CRABS today! I finally got in!
by damn those farts ughhhh *lick* November 18, 2020
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