A guy who thinks he is down with the youth but he is just a bloke who drives around in a pink 1.0 litre Nissan micra with speakers in the back that are worth more than the car
Mr bell is a nutter
by Passmores definitions July 24, 2021
he's a hippy nerdy teacher, he will joke around as much the students want him too. he's not quite of a good teacher, the students do everything in his class when it comes to him, there either off task looking at meme or eating under the table
hey did you know mr bell lost his bag in class
i know, it was in the staff room the whole time
by Gunnerman78 September 13, 2017
an extremely loud fart that sounds like a duck having intercourse while taking a crap.
"Hey Timmy, did ya hear that Mrs. Bell over near the pond?!"
by The JUGE monstah August 15, 2008
A mr Bell’ is when a old man ejaculates on a women’s forehead until his bellend is sore like a rock
A mr Bell Example 1 ‘You’re getting a mr Bell so hard you’re forehead might as well be ocean of semen for my sore cock
by Razorbawz2 May 13, 2018
scouse teacher who bikes to school and has hair like boss baby
by oklolol July 5, 2021