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Mr Hopwood, AKA ‘Hopwood’ is a veteran teacher who teaches History. Hopwood is a small and fierce man who’d pick a fight with anybody - whether that’s a student or teacher. Although Hopwood may seem nasty at first, he has the best interest at heart. As long as you do your homework and don’t interupt his History sessions, you will get on with the Hopwood just fine. Hopwood is the master of the Weimar Republic period in the Nazi Germany topic. Hopwood is also a semi-professional boxer and is feared in schools all across England.
Student A: I haven’t got my History homework to give to you today, I left it on the side.

Mr Hopwood: Well it’s the same old with you, listen. If you want to go and fail your History exam then go ahead. You’ll regret not bothering to do your homework and being such a smart-ass!

Student B: (whispering to Student A) He needs to calm down, he’s always got to be such a Mr Hopwood about things.
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by WadhamMan2002 July 24, 2018
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