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verb - To pull a Mr Brady is to pop a "chubby" while waiting for an upcoming guitar solo, to become erect at the though of playing guitar
Axel Rose just pulled a Mr Brady on stage
by yannidepp September 24, 2009
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1. A very ancient person dating back to the time before written history
2. Something very boring, long, or tedious
3. The amazement at simple (or no longer "breathtaking") technology (i.e. Google Earth)
4. To describe something extemely long or tall in size
1. Some say that Mr. Brady knew Jesus personally

2. That lecture was very Mr. Brady.

3. What a Mr. Brady, he was almost drooling over that digital watch.

4. Damn, Yao Ming is like Mr. Brady much taller than me.
by Scotty2Hotty June 04, 2007
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