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Also known as the failure-to-stop drill, the Mozambique Drill is two shots (a double tap) to the chest followed by one to the head. While it may sound easy, the maneuver is difficult to perform under pressure. It was named by Mike Rousseau, a mercenary fighting on the side of the Portuguese during the Mozambican War of Independence. Rousseau found himself in a hostile airport, armed only with a sidearm, and turned a corner and bumped into a FRELIMO (Mozambican rebel) soldier. He quickly fired two shots into the chest of the man, and when that did not appear to affect his adversary, Rousseau fired a third round into the soldier's neck, severing his spine. This drill has been performed often in cinema and in video games, one prominent film being Michael Mann's 1995 thriller Heat, where it is performed twice.
When the zombie lumbered towards me, I fired two shots into his chest. When this failed to incapacitate the undead menace, I fired a third shot through his left eye, completing the Mozambique Drill.
by Franklin Jamison May 24, 2013
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