The act of having such physically active sex that the result is that furniture is actually moved.
“Dude, that fitness instructor came over last night and we were moving furniture.”
“The second she dropped her panties I jumped on her and jack hammered her. We were moving furniture.”
“We were moving furniture and I was concerned the people in the room next door were going to call the front desk.”
by ottoh May 1, 2013
'Moving funiture' is a way to tell your buddys that you had sex with a hot girl friend after helping her to move house. In other words boasting to your buddys in the bar afterwards by saying "She really like moving" or "we moved the the funiture six times when I help her move in."
Alex:"Last night I helped Elizabeth move."
Graham: "How did it go?"
Alex: "We were moving furniture all night,six times in all! It made saturday at work so hard."
Graham: "Six times in one night you greedy bastard. I am glad work sucked."
by littel Jon March 5, 2007
To have sex with a large woman.
"Did you move furniture last night?"

"Yeah, I fucked a human couch."
by leRayMoo September 19, 2014
A highly developed metaphor used to describe the act of consuming alcohol. Used as code during school hours when one wants to be secretive about performing this act. Sometimes includes the use of the dolly, or beer bong, a device designed for the faster movement of furniture. One can either move chairs, couches, or king sized beds when referring to the amount of furniture moved.
Tom was moving furniture last night, which resulted in his sore back this morning.

Bmac tried to move a king sized bed and got completely shiavoed.
by NA123 November 6, 2007
To have phone sex.
"Ayo megan what you do last night?"
"Dude i was moving furniture all night im so tired."
by so cool dude May 9, 2009
Wanna come over to move furniture and order pizza?
That would be awesome! I need a release!
by bradebear October 8, 2017
Having sex while your son or daughter is in the house.
"Last night my mom and Dave were moving the furniture all night, IT KEPT ME UP!"
by Sidenote October 9, 2006