Someone who breaths out of there mouth because they have a deviated ceptum or there nose is messed up
Connor and Ben are mouth breathing lards and are huge mouth breathers
by Preme team November 06, 2017
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1. Someone who can’t breathe through their nose.
2 A stupid or ignorant person
3. Someone who refuses to wear a mask for political reasons.

4. All of the above (most common)
That Trump-lovin’ gun-totin’ fool is one heckuva mouth-breather.
by The Smose August 09, 2020
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Did that mouthbreather Draymond Green ever learn to breathe through his nose? Apparently not.
by Hughbabyyy May 06, 2018
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anyone who you see with their mouth wide open, like a booger has clogged their nasal orifice. They just look like they're dumb, doing everything with their mouth open, with no care in the world.
"That mouthbreather had his mouth open so long that his tongue chapped."
by jeremy August 27, 2003
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1. A moron from a low social caste. Picture someone with a sunken forehead, low hairline, and prominent chin.

2. A guy who goes to the gym seven days a week, probably does steroids, and has a body that looks like a comic-book character. He might be 5'4" but his arms and shoulders are so overbuilt that he looks ridiculous.
If you go to Gold's Gym in the afternoon there are nothing but mouth-breathers.
by phuckie June 16, 2007
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