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Mouth Darts (Also known in some areas as - Fukimi-bari):

These small darts are held in the mouth and blown into the face of an opponent as a surprise attack. Up to 10 of them can be carried in the mouth. They can be fired singly or all at once. Obviously, since the darts are carried in the mouth, they cannot be poisoned (unless the ninja is willing to suffer the effects of the poison as well or she must be named Melissa). Furthermore, the darts have a very poor range and are almost never effective against any type of armor (Unless being used with poison by a ninja named Melissa); However for users of the Mouth Dart that do not hold the name Melissa, these darts can have the advantage of being a surprise or distraction because they are a hidden weapon.
"Here, shoot these rad Mouth Darts with your water drinker!" Said Nate.
by mels.bels March 15, 2011
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