A college student's best remedy for drowsiness during the early morning hours on the day the term paper is due.
by AYB April 08, 2003
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The dew that forms between a womans Boobs....On a hot summer day or while doing strenuous activities...ie working out, having sex, moving day, having sex, cleaning house,having sex ,Mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool, sex, Cooking, sex or Hiking..Etc..
Wheew... It's so hot in this gym, I oozed out alot of Mountain Dew! Time to hit the showers.

Baby..I really need a shower now..I did all the work to produce all this Mountain Dew!

* Appilicable Only To Big Breasted Women..Little Boobies Need Not Apply or are able to use this word because it would then be politically incorrect..LOL

Mountain Of Breast= Mountain Dew

Small Boobs= Mole Hill Dew
by Smiley One....CCu2 June 17, 2009
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Jake: I totaly have cotton mouth, man.
Jill: Dude, have a Mountain Dew.
Jake: Right on.
Jill: Do the Dew.
Jake: Yeah, dude. Do the Dew.
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mountain dew = mount-and-do

term in which a bitch must mount a REAL man's dick and pretty much fuck him like theres no tomorrow
by Retrosolja May 28, 2008
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the best beverage known to fucking mankind, and the fuel that drives urban assault...
party at peenie's!...whos bringing the mountain dew...call steve tell him to get a 24 pack

mike go to tweedos and get some goddamn dew before i fart in your face and get diarrhea fragments all over you (nate)

11:30, saturday night, summer 2005...DEW RUN TO WINCHENDON...steve(mostly naked, death 2 humanity tat on back), nate (almost died), alex(being ratty), peenie(getting berserk in back seat/lank ass limbs not fitting in car), dave(scared for life, still being berserk), the convertible cavalier....good times

joey allen - son of a bitch the machine wont give me my dew!
by fuck yea November 29, 2005
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An Essence of Life Mountain Dew can heal any wounds and combined with Dorritos it can give life
Guy: What are you drinking?
Guy: Mountain Dew Dipshit
by MLGDEW February 02, 2015
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