similar to the Black Market, it is known by very few people, mostly from the Western North Carolina Mountains. The Mountain Folk Exchange has been running for nearly 200 years and under the radar of the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) for about 45 years. The Mountain Folk Exchange has been considered "devil's work" by many city folk. The Mountain Folk Exchange basically takes money out of the United States money system and creates a new circulation of money that is specifically in the mountainous regions of Western North Carolina. Many outsiders blame the Boojum for the creation of the Mountain Folk Exchange. Even though he wast the 'founder', he brought in gem stones which jump start the Mountain Folk Exchange. Yojuffé was the suppossed establisher of the Mountain Folk Exchange, for Yojuffé reportedly found a jug of Pert 'Nin' Juice. Pert 'Nin' Juice is thought to be an elixir of life. It's super natural properties have scared many Evangelicals. When the posting of the Pert 'Nin' Juice hit the Balsam Post the locals became very excited. In an effort to keep the news of the Boojum and all things related, the people of the Balsam Mountains didnt speak of such things for several years.
The Mountain Folk Exchange opperates at a very low profile inorder to keep enraged creeps and other fat cats who want to get their evil city folk hands on the very valuable Pert 'Nin' Juice and gem stones. Under new management, and moved to a different location for opperation, the Mountain Folk Exchange hasnt disclosed its information to the general public, and plans not to do so. Though many officials have good hints and tips on where it's where-abouts might be, they do not plan to take action for they have nothing to shut it down or make it's where-abouts known to the general public or to anyone for that matter. However, many men of power wish to get their hands on some of the reported valuables floating through the Exchange, but due the abundance of white wisps in the Smokey Mountains, their ability to manuver has benn corrupted my those white wisps of condensation after a good rain.
Im getting old, i need to go down to the Mountain Folk Exchange to pick me up some Pert 'Nin' Juice.

Timmy: My dad found out where the headquarters for the Mountain Folk Exchange is located!
Sarah: No he didnt! that is just a hoax to draw in tourist from Florida, who just happen to no be able to drive in the mountains!

Angry Evangelical Leader: We must raid the Mountain Folk Exchange and do away with that hippy, Yojuffé!!!
Angry Evangelical Followers: YARG!! I heard Yojuffé was a terrorist also!!

Some one brought in some gems up from Bald Ridge, they went for $12,000 today. The Mountain Folk Exchange was teeming with excitment.
by WNCBoojum December 28, 2008
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