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An all girls catholic school in Watchung, Nj. Full of hot girls who are actually smart. They can choose whichever guy they want because they go to mount, but they are very selective and only choose the finest delbarton and seton hall prep guys. Every guy from saint joes wants them but they are too good and holy. Way way way better than Oak Knoll.
Tom: Yo congrats on your new girlfriend she’s hot. Where does she go to school?
Tom: Naw dude I already know she goes to Mount Saint Mary, she’s too hot to go to Oak Knoll
by wiitennis January 04, 2019
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Mount Saint Mary is an all girls catholic highschool in nj. All the girls there are super chill and the majority are pretty. There are a few oddballs though.... Mount girls are preferred because they are no where near as dramatic as the other girls schools.
Boy 1: Damn she’s cute... does she go to oak knoll?
Boy 2: nah she’s too chill... she must go to Mount Saint Mary
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by osnwjdoelw January 03, 2019
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