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one of the worst schools in the country located in western Pennsylvania it is filled with a bunch of pot heads that are smoking in or outside on school grounds. Too many sluts to go around that will do anything for ur dick. And jocks that don’t know the difference between their two ass checks and their ass crack. Will do anything to fuck their girlfriends and these dipshits we call jocks will drive someone to kill themselves. The teachers are just terrible literally gave up on teaching and will pick on the kids here. Don’t come here this school literally cause u to have severe depression!
Oh mount pleasant high school back at it again being retarted with ur terrible staff and students who can’t control themselves
by January 18, 2018
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A public school in Delaware most know as "Mount Pregnant" because of the sluttiness of the students and the ignorance that is filled within the school.
A:"I can't believe I got pregnant I swore the pull-out method worked."
B:"You must go to Mount Pleasant High School"
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