It was an all girl school who was shut down cause nobody wanted to go there nomo. They were all made up of broke girls and saint Ursula and seton rejects. Ause they were not smart enough to get into them. The second reason they shut down was because they all stank like fish and period. But the hood thing is that they gone. Don't send your daughters to the new school mercy McCauley. They colors ugly they thought orange was gonna work out.
Mother of mercy mutts.
Mother of mercy trash at all sports.
Mother of mercy combine with McCauley and they thought it was gonna work.
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It's a Catholic high school that shut down in 2018. They are all made up of the other high school rejects. (mostly from ursula and seton) most of the students that went there had no future at all. There basketball team is trash. They were so broke that they had to combine with McCauley which is worse cause they both trash.
The mother of mercy mutts.
Mother of mercy was trash at all sports.
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