A person who doesn't leave any holes on the surface of the earth unviolated. It involves fucking animal burrows, golf holes, borewells, wells, trenches, sinkholes, tunnels, graves and the like. Its origins can be traced back to the traditional glory holes. The participants wanted to feel one with nature. Erect their edifice into the ground, literally planting their seeds. A sub kink of this likes a BDSMeque twist where tree trunks are fair target for there perverse desires. Many a woodpecker nests have been flooded in such a manner. The practice is usually followed during the rains, when mother earth is adequately lubed to be penetrated.
_Jack is such a mother earth fucker, he goes to a golf course and thinks it's an orgy._

_A Mother earth fucker died as he got sucked inside a quicksand while trying to fuck it_
by Shaadinipples August 30, 2021
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