Someone that is so stupid that theybtake a shit outside, and then step in it.
What kind of a suck duck moron climb a tree to get away from a cat?
by MC Vet November 10, 2020
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Any of those people who think they know all but really know nothing. Especially people who post the name of a person here, with a definition of why they hate them, or love them.
Did you vote at urban dictionary today? Nothing but punk morons submitting their classmates names as words.
by nunyannnnunywemklfjafji June 24, 2019
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Someone with so little intellect and awareness that they regularly shit on the wall instead of into the toilet.
He's a real shits on the wall moron.
by buttermilkmeeks August 5, 2019
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The title given to a person who allows there own stupidity to put other at risk of contracting a harmful or fatal disease.
Because of Typhoid Moron's need to have a ego rally in Tulsa today , six staffers contracted Corona virus today.
by MisanthropyFTW June 20, 2020
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