Pussy that been marinating in cum all night. Too dangerous to fuck.
Man I really want that morning pussy it’s been marinating all night.
by Thesecowsbehellathicc March 31, 2019
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1. when after a night of sex a foul odor is emitted from the snatch the next morning
2. the smell of pussy in the morning
man 1:the next day the bitch wanted me to go down on her but i said no you got morning pussy
man 2: i hear dat
by Staven Devis August 5, 2008
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The nasty, unpleasant, musty smell of a girl and her pussy on early Sunday morning after it has been thoroughly fucked on the preceeding Saturday night. Usually eliminated with a good hot shower. This may also apply to other nights and mornings of the weekdepending on lifestyle choices.
Female friend: EWWW! God, Beth, you smell like Sunday Morning Pussy.

Beth: Yeah, I brought Jim home from the club last night, he fucked me real good.

Female friend: Well make sure you take a good hot shower before you go to work!
by WIse Girl 9 December 5, 2009
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