Piers Morgan Bingo is a highly intellectual game that is played by the most intelligent of our society.

It involves a bingo grid with phrases that Piers Morgan has said recently.
Thank you Piers Morgan! That's another off the Piers Morgan Bingo list!
by Bingo Overlord April 15, 2023
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Morgan is a shy and smart girl but also is very slutty and is very horny for Mexican dick every night and wants it in every hole and usually lives men named nick,Mathew, and Miquel. If you know a Morgan Boyd take advantage now rape if have to.
Morgan: can I hold your pencil

Boy: get onyour knees first

Morgan Boyd: hell yeah
by Daddydigbick May 3, 2017
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A weirdo who loves 50 year old men on grand rp
Morgan norton is a weirdo
by Rockstar games! July 14, 2022
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An iconic YouTuber, who despite only debuting her iconic Social Blade quake infesting YouTube career in January 2018, has already garnered almost 700k subscribers as of March 2018. Her dark green Social Blade has Jake Paul and Logan Paul on stretchers. She is also the sister of YouTuber Ryland Adams and has collabed with the icon himself Shane Dawson.
Person 1: Have you seen Morgan Adams' new video?
Person 2: Omg yes, who hasn't?!
Person 3: She's so iconic!
Person 2: Right! Her Social Blade is so green. Literally Logan and Jake Paul who??
by Pop Stan March 10, 2018
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Morgan Adams: a relatable kween
Person: omG do you know Morgan adams?
Me: omg yas she’s so relatable she’s my kween
by odetosleep May 11, 2019
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Seth Morgan is a gay male that lives in chapill hill, he hides his sexuality from his mates and rapes them when he sleeps he is a c0ck fien
Your so Seth Morgan
by Seth Morgan October 27, 2020
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When you are managing a restaurant team in a new market and have an employee who knows they are wildly more qualified for your job but chose to not to accept the offer bc they make more money serving. Morgan will absolutely dive in and save the day 9.6/10. Until, however, she gets rocked off her mind on Sunday eve knowing damn well shes assigned to a party of 60 the next day and then calls out with 12 min notice
When the shift starts at 11am and it’s 10:34 am the morgan tax is defined by the following exchange
Texting the Morgan: Hey girl thanks for reprepping Garde, running those 9 tables who werent yours, absorbing Emily and Olivias sections last night when they started crying and also thank you for staying a little later to help the expo close! Whats your ETA though because those party guests are trickling in.

Morgan: no
by Smashaluffigosus September 21, 2023
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