Morgan is beautiful funny flee a good dancer loyal she speak her mind flawless bad temper smile that bright up the world
{if you have a morgan keep her}
by cutegang May 16, 2015
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A odd boyish looking female that spends most of her days dwelling in depression a "Morgan" can be seen often having short justin bieber like hair, a "Morgans" natural habitat is a small strange mans house where she can be found repeatedly penetrating her mouth with some sort of genitalia. If you see a Morgan out in the wild know that they can be very dangerous and highly poisonous
Sad Morgan
by Dr.dichanary June 05, 2014
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that major diva bitch who always thinks so highly of herself. She's sweet at times but an asshole at other times. she always says "hey bitches" like we're her slaves. but secretly she is crazed with the fear of my being married.
Morgan: hey bitches!!
by funny shiit that rhymes April 05, 2016
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A girl who is beautiful in every way possible but has dark secret. She jokes around a lot and people think she is serious. She likes to cut her knees in the back of her closet.
Wow! That girls a Morgan. There's something about her that is dark.
by cheeseburger54 October 20, 2011
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A fine young lady that sleeps and drinks milkshakes for a living. The name has origins in the Latin word for "log". A girl renowned for possessing a bubblebutt. Variations include Merg (gooby for log), and Morgon (Ork variation)
"Hey look at that chick over there with the tasty bubblebutt"
"She looks like a Morgan"
by The notorious December 14, 2016
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A carefree young lady who may or may not be mentally unstable. This young woman sniffs air for a living, and plays the big bad trombone (quite horridly) for entertainment. Sweet baby Jesus, Mother of Sausages, let us ALL pray for this girl's future, with high hopes.
"There's absolutely no doubt about it, that she's a Morgan."
"Yeah. Definitely! All of the insanely strange symptoms are present. Golly jeepers, spare my eyes!"
by Morgalicious38 January 30, 2017
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Morgan is a blue eyed beauty with incredible gymnastics skills. She often yells and gets mad. But if you’re on her good side she’s the best person you’ll ever meet. If you get on her bad side you’ll hope you have never met her. Morgan in the outside is a confident women but in the inside she’s insecure about most things. She loves animals! But cries about most things she’s very sensitive. She has a big group of friends and loves them more than she loves she self
Morgan is funny!
by Mo2314 January 22, 2018
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