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The act of defecating inside a woman's vagina and having her squeeze it back out. Named for bearing resemblance to how moray eels pop out of their holes.
Bob: "My girlfriend has always wanted a pet eel, but I don't want a fish tank."
Jim: "Have you tried giving her a Moray Eel? All the excitement of an eel without the fish tank!"
Bob: "Isn't that sexual?"
Jim: "Yes, that makes it even better!"
by TheAtomicFish September 05, 2009
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When proforming oral sex on a female and she takes a shit durring said act and the dung nugget protrudes and pops you in the chin like a moray eel out of its cave
"Gus will never talk to me again, last night while he was eating me out I let a moray eel slip out."
by Jack Frenetics January 27, 2008
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