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noun. The amount of "karma" you have saved up in your life. Generally obtained by doing good deeds such as saving a life, giving to a charity, or helping an old person cross the street. Lost by performing acts of selfishness and immorality such as illegal activities, "screwing someone over", infidelity, etc.

Technically speaking, if one obtains a large amount of moral dollars, they can spend these moral dollars with less concern as they are "doing more good than bad." Obviously a flawed philosophy with little ethical sense but used to rationalize vices.
Jon P: Dude, I just banged that hot skinny Asian chick...she was amazing.

Andy Y: Man, moral dollars dude. You're in a relationship.

Jon P: Whatever, I saved three people last week, that's gotta be a least a few hundred thousand moral dollars!
by starflyer April 28, 2013
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