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1.A person who always tries to "right" a situation and in the end just ends up being a total asshole. 2. A person who tries to prove everyone else wrong in order to uphold their skewed position.
Person 1: "Anyone want to go see this show?"

Person 2:"Of course, how much is it and when is it?"

Person 1: "Oh wait, this is too expensive. Never mind. I'll just go by myself then because I doubt other people would care enough to pay this amount of money."

Moral Crusader:"I think that is wrong to say you already bought a ticket and you don't want other people to go because you're already afraid of them rejecting before you said the price. You asked, so now you've gotta deal with it. And as for the price, don't say nevermind, don't go, you won't get a chance for a ticket because they sell out even though I got one already and they're expensive, implied, making it so they wont wanna go, so you, once again, aren't rejected. If they wanna go, they'll go. If not, ok. But this was quite pointless if you were just gonna end up saying those things."
by isddgy September 08, 2013
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