when a man cums so hard that the ejaculate hits the ceiling
This girl gave me shuch a good hand-job that it ended in a moon shot.
by Jake Schrader July 11, 2009
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adjetive. Something intended to be genuinely awesome, but is only so in its ironic appreciation. ie, something that's "so bad, it's good". Must be sincere and lacking irony in its intent. Parody, therefore, is not moonshot. It derives from the notion that it's something that's "shooting for the moon".But because it's so awful, it actually becomes awesome.Things that are moonshot usually have a cult following.
"Plan 9 from Outer Space" is classic moonshot.
by Anonimatous November 28, 2007
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A close collection or group of stars. The word gets it's name from the term 'buck shot', which is a shotgun round that releases a multitude of tiny lead balls upon firing. In the same way, moon shot is very many stars or other heavenly bodies. Sometimes associated with a full moon.
noun; The couple looked up at the glistening sky, admiring the moon shot above them.

verb; The sky was so moon shot that one could see shadows in the dead of night.
by Blackest49 September 22, 2005
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adj. Describing a thing, person, etc, that is ridiculous/lame, but awesome/enjoyable at the same time. In other words, something that's so bad, it's actually good. It usually applies to something that is genuinely trying to be good, yet is ridiculously bad. So bad that it's enjoyable. While the appreciation for the quality of a certain thing is subjective, it must be universally enjoyed for its ridiculous/lame aspects to be considered moonshot.
Showgirls (the movie) is totally moonshot.
Sanjaya Malakar from American Idol gave a moonshot performance.
by Anonymous3005 November 13, 2007
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"Why are you guys curled up on the floor like that? Did you drink too many Moonshots?
by The Master Dutch November 11, 2009
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When you vomit into the blow hole of a whale that has surfaced and it then violently evacuates the vomit from the blow hole into the air, covering all nearby whale watchers.
Ew! Andrew P. just puked on that whale and I got covered by the moonshot!
by Willis1137 July 18, 2010
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when a man and a woman stand back to back and then man arcs his cum shot over them both like a shooting star and they both make a wish
moonshot is greatness
by cliff poopdick July 22, 2009
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