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The Montonero Peronist Movement (Spanish: Movimiento Peronista Montonero) was an Argentine left-wing Peronist guerrilla group, active during the 1960s and 1970s. The group was almost completely dismantled in 1977, during Videla's dictatorship.
1- Argentina's presindent and her husband used to be coward montoneros

2- Look at that group of montoneros, we need a dictatorship to kill them soon

Montonero: dictatorships are the worst, they kill u if u dont think like the president
Vandor: I dont agree
motonero kills goodman with hammer
(real, search "Augusto Vandor")

one: 30000 humans were killed during Videla's dictatorship
two: they must have done something ("algo habran hecho" in spanish, popular saying)
one: they were just montoneros ='(
by Jorge Julio Lopez September 12, 2008
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