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A food additive developed in 1967 by the R&D department of the Anheuser-Busch Corporation, Monobrodium Dudeamate (MBD) is not regulated by the FDA. Commonly included in cheap beers such as Budweiser, Coors, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Miller, and Corona, this compound reacts uniquely with alcohol in the brain to produce a variety of unusual human behaviors, exploited for the economic gain of brewing companies' subsidiaries. The additive has had a unique effect on the culture of the U.S.A., producing such things as the Hooters restaurant chain, the Spike TV network, the Jackass series, the movie Animal House, and the 'tailgate party' phenomenon. Common side effects include hot wings, people buying pickup trucks to commute in the suburbs, chicken strips, wicked hangovers, and the belief that baseball is an engaging spectator sport. The chemical is also responsible for most of the behaviors of the American frat boy, and for PBR-induced hipster woman-bashing.
Adult male after consuming both alcohol and Monobrodium Dudeamate:
"WOOOO! YEEAAAH! DUDE! BRO! COME HERE! OK, DUDE, hold my beer and watch this!"

Adult male after consuming only alcohol:
"This has been quite a delightful evening, but I believe I have quaffed this Pilsner Urquell in excess. Might I trouble you to call a cab, kind sir?"
by nosnebjak October 25, 2009
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