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Used to describe a group of people trying to complete a seemingly mindless task and fucking it all up.
Watching the roughnecks make up BHA was like watching a monkey fucking a football.
by fishinguy August 14, 2015
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A helluva lot of action with very little or no result
Applying for fall classes, I had to register with the burser, the advisor, check my prereq.s, and then stand in line, and then I found the class I wanted was closed out. "Man scheduling for classes this morning was like a monkey fucking a football"
by Gbbrd September 30, 2006
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well a football is oddly shaped, and a monkey has no opposable thumbs, so stepping back it would be both uncoordinated and funny to watch, but when your the monkey it would be very frustrating
by MonkeySplash January 27, 2018
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