A hater and a somtimes mean lady 😡that need to zip it
by Mysterious mystical fugue July 17, 2018
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a creepy ass sculpture in japan that freaks everyone out
Elijah: did you see what happen on the news?
Mary: no was it MOMO again?
by skkkkksks March 04, 2019
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A Mo Mo is abbreviated as a motel.
Ay YOU TRYNa hit up a MO MO or wassup.
via giphy
by Taste Da Rainbow July 17, 2019
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A wannabe tough guy who thinks he’s tough. A Momo goes to the gym for half an hour, does a few bicep curls, and calls it a day. A Momo also thinks he can shoot a three like he’s Steph Curry.
Person 1: “I was at the Lifetime gym yesterday and we were playing with this kid who kept airballing threes
Person 2: “Yeah, he’s such a Momo”
by GG4U May 21, 2019
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Synonim of meme, used by retards or normies.

Related to :V
Antes de iegar a la skul vi un buen momo y kede asi de tarado xdXdxDxd
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1. An extremely stupid person

2. A retarded person who is not special needs but is extremely mentally deficient.
1. You fucking momo, what is the matter with you, how could you be so stupid.

2. Darren is not a sped, but he is such a momo.
3. Oh my god, I'm such a momo. I just spelled my own name wrong.
by TremendousMomo April 23, 2021
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A amazing girl who anyone would be lucky to have as a friend! They will be by your side no matter what.

They are also incredibly talented at art, but is to humble to admit it.

If you ever come across a momo, stuck with her because she will be one of the best friends you will ever have.
person one : is that amazingly talented person?
Person two: that momo
Person one: ohh that makes sense, because everyone knows Momo’s are amazing.
by Hello hi hey June 13, 2020
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