v. A new mother's unfortunate need to talk endlessly about their new children despite the fact that no one actually cares. Updates and pictures and stories are plastered all over social media. Can continue indefinitely and is not limited to only new mothers and their babies, but that is what is most common.
Jane: This is Tommy playing with his blocks! So cute! I'm so blessed!
Carol: This is the tenth picture you've posted of your kid in an hour, stop with the mommy blogging already!
by BallisticWeasel September 20, 2013
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The act of a mother documenting every detail of her child's life with unnecessary photos, social media updates and blog posts. Mommy blogging also includes condescending other mothers with inaccurate parenting and/or medical advice.
Dinah: Hey girl, did you vaccinate your kids yet?
Karen: No....Jenna was saying that I shouldn't vaccinate my kids since vaccinations can cause childhood obesity.
Dinah: Are you seriously listening to Jenna? She's not even a nurse! That bitch is just mommy blogging.
Karen: Yeah girl, you're right
by koriandr October 21, 2015
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