The person you ask for money because everyone else has learned that you don’t pay people back
Me: hey mom can I have $20
Mom: no, dose it look like I’m made outta money?
Me: Made


Mom: (sighs knowing that if she wins I’ll keep trying)
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by maksym1000 July 04, 2019
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(You) "Mom?"

(Mom) "Yes?"

(You) "Can i get some money?"

(Mom) "Does it look like im made of money?"

(You) "Isnt that what it means?"

(Mom) "Oh shit"
by uyughhhjhkjhjhkjhjk June 02, 2018
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The lovely and sophisticated lady who gave birth to me and who will love me 4 ever
by big headed jay October 20, 2019
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A person who gave birth to you.sometimes you ike her and someties you dont,and sometimes you dont have one if you dont im sorry.And if shes a christain good luck not wanting to go to church
mom:go clean your room !!!!
Mom:spanks you lol
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by EPIC_CORPSEHUSBAND- LOVER4484 November 08, 2020
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A good pearson oofffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
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by ToeTally-sparta April 13, 2020
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Crazy person so singularly driven to not bend or break her moral compass as to spend months isolated physically while entombed in an electronic prison. Mom’s do crazy shit when there’s a bully on the playground. Didn’t abandon anyone. Never stopped fighting. Had no means of communication and no friends to call. It’s all good though. Moms are cool.
“Mom is one psycho-ass bitch about getting to the bottom of this barrel full of shit.”
by Pussinbootsalaska May 02, 2020
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