Doesnt give a shit if she ruined your birthday by not getting a game she told you she would get for your birthday and then acts like your the asshole when you get mad at her for only buying you shirts instead.
Me:why the fuck did you only buy me two shirts and a football when you told me you were getting me a game.

Mom: because that game was to violent you will just have two years until your 17

Me: bitch i can handle it im fuckin 15
by Lodgan slayer December 08, 2018
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The person you ask for money because everyone else has learned that you don’t pay people back
Me: hey mom can I have $20
Mom: no, dose it look like I’m made outta money?
Me: Made


Mom: (sighs knowing that if she wins I’ll keep trying)
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by maksym1000 July 04, 2019
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(You) "Mom?"

(Mom) "Yes?"

(You) "Can i get some money?"

(Mom) "Does it look like im made of money?"

(You) "Isnt that what it means?"

(Mom) "Oh shit"
by uyughhhjhkjhjhkjhjk June 02, 2018
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The lovely and sophisticated lady who gave birth to me and who will love me 4 ever
by big headed jay October 20, 2019
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A person who gave birth to you.sometimes you ike her and someties you dont,and sometimes you dont have one if you dont im sorry.And if shes a christain good luck not wanting to go to church
mom:go clean your room !!!!
Mom:spanks you lol
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by EPIC_CORPSEHUSBAND- LOVER4484 November 08, 2020
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A good pearson oofffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
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by ToeTally-sparta April 13, 2020
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