describing someone or something that looks bad a hot mess sounds bad or looks bad.
1.damn, dat bitch look real moist !
2.you sound real moist right now, stop it !
3.Man, that chick was lookin so moist last night i had to leave.
by JayszWifeyy15 December 16, 2008
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Lame, boring; the opposite of lit.
Bob: Dawwgggg this party lit af!!
Darnell: Your party moist, where the alcohol at?
by MoistMaster69 July 14, 2016
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Not only that of referring to a region that happens to contain moisture, but also referring to a lifestyle. A lifestyle, that consists of not only being Moist but also of celebrating The Moist. The moist is commonly found in Santa Cruz, Ca where The moist is celebrated every weekend.

May also be accompanied by Phage or that of being Guilty.
Me: Hey Sarah, lets bump Moist tonight.

Sarah: Im guilty...
by MoistPhage September 13, 2011
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good; used when describing your feelings about a person, place, or thing in a positive light. A funny definition of good.
My car is really moist., Wow! Your girlfriend is really moist., That movie was incredibly moist., (first guy)Hey dude, how ya' hangin'? (second guy) Still moist, man., (First chick) How was your date last night girlfriend? (second chick) He was sooo moist!
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MOIST, sounds creepy when you say it doesnt it?
a M.O.I.S.T is a MAN.with OVERLY INFANTILE SEXUAL TENDENCIES aka a child toucher.
look a that crossing guard holding that boy's hand, what a M.O.I.S.T
by sexontherun December 14, 2009
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