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A great way to remember some basic chemistry and physics basics.

With more motion, more heat is formed, or, when you add heat, you get more motion. It works both ways which is good to know in chemistry when speaking about speeding up a reaction, or physics when talking about thermophysics.

Side note: It also can relate to psychology when you consider that the rate of sex increases in the summer months. Which also brings it into the anatomy field, and biology for that matter. Because should the gametes create a zygote from "Mo' heat, mo' motion." it's a great way to remember how to have sex.
Roy: I'm really not understanding why this reaction goes faster in the warm water than the room temperature water.

Mr. Larson: Roy, it's an easy thing to remember, "Mo' heat, mo' motion." When heat is added to the solution it goes faster due to more motion of the particles in the solution colliding more frequently.

Roy: Now I get it! Mo' heat, mo' motion.
by aeijklmoty November 05, 2009
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