A male significant other, a male crush, a potential boyfriend or a male that you have kissed.
I can't wait for that Mister Mister that I've been flirting with at the coffee shop to ask me out.
by Ruby Wildflower March 8, 2011
The Drizzle's arch nemesis, whose alter ego is meatwad himself. Made popular by the adult swim show "aqua teen hunger force."
catch phrase: "When i get pissed, you get mist"
Mister Mister is meatwad's superhero form, not to be mistaken with his moon master uniform.
by Rich105 October 3, 2005
1. The immediate loss of male sexual capability resulting from unintentional eye contact between two males during a three-way sexual encounter with a female. Erectile dysfunction and intense feelings of self doubt often compromise the affair, and an unrelenting awkwardness prevails in most occurances.

2. Also produced by any contact of one male penis with another.
Jimmy and I were tag-teaming the dogshit out of this little piece of trash. As one point, our dongs rubbed together causing us to look up. Unfortunately our eyes met, and a very intense case of Mister Mister set in. Neither one of us finished, and we kicked her ass out. I have not spoken with Jimmy in over 5 weeks, and I am not sure that I ever will again.
by eggdeath September 20, 2011