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The Mississippi Burglar is a term for a burglar under the category "Mississippi." This is the worst kind of a burglar. Aside from the stealing, a Mississippi Burglar will rob your house, and then proceed to shit in your sink or various other locations. There are patterns to this however. Locations include: Sink, bed, under the bed, roof, ceiling, bathroom (without flushing), bathroom sink, bathtub, etc. The Mississippi Burglar has also been know to rob houses OUTSIDE of Mississippi. Be careful however. Yelling the name William Stump 3 times has been know to summon this fowl character. He has also been known to smear his shit all over the interior of your house or on the body of the owner of said home. Be careful, the holidays are coming!
Dad: Holy fuck, poop is all over the house!
Mom: Must have been the damn Mississppi Burglar. Did you hear Timmy's mom Sarah? She had her whole house remodeled after The Mississippi Burglar was done with her house.
Dad: That's a shame. Lets get to work cleaning the house.
by BigBoyOnTheBlok April 20, 2018
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