The name given to a group that are inconsistent
Them misfits are inconsistent at uploading videos
by LightVading December 28, 2018
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A. A punk rock band formed late 70's that ended in the 80's. Then later re-encarnated.
B. What is now a crappy band.
Dig Up Her Bones is a fucking dumbass for thinking the misfits are still good.
by sk8skanj November 9, 2004
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the band that is the enemy of jem.

jem was a most awesome television show
by brandNEWrawks March 29, 2005
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one of the 4 "punk" bands that every kid that thinks they're "punk" likes. its boring when everyone worships the same band, y'know?

The Misfts
Dead Kennedys
Drop Kick Murphys
The Casualities
by screw u bitch April 28, 2005
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One that does not fit naturally within their designated group. They becomes an outsider by creeping hard core. Often times, but not always, they use language such as "swag, sass, goofy, ROYAL or blah", where as others reject such language.
Santiago: blah, swag, sass, blah, blah, royal, blah, that's goofy, blah, blah.
(silence and starring, finally someone comes to find their words.)
Dora: What?
Pablo: Oh sorry, you have to excuse my friend. He can't help it: he's the misfit.
Dora: OoOoh.
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A rejected emo/scene kid.

Usually someone who isn't quite sure what they want to be labelled as, and so go somewhere inbetween.

They can be normal most/some of the time - but don't count on it.
Gee, I sure would hate to be a misfit..
by robriffic October 4, 2006
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Group of kids in high school in which they are passed upon by others for fear of being shot. Most want to be in the military. One well known group in STDV
Jock1: stay away new kid, those are the misfits, they don't like to be bothered
by theRangerRedneck April 21, 2015
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