a misfit is a small cock loser who is also a simp to e girls
wow elijah is being a misfit at the moment
by niqqha June 11, 2020
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Fitz, Swaggersouls, McCreamy, Zuckles, iNoToRiOuS and Tobyonthetele are the Misfits. They're a group of YouTubers that all live in the same clout house (except Fitz). They all have between 500k and 4m subscribers (except Fitz). And only half of them ever upload.
Fitz: Hello guys, welcome back to the Misfits Podcast!

Swaggersouls: There's water on my pop filter!

Zuckles: I'm autistic!

McCreamy: Use code creamy in the Fortnite item shop!

iNoToRiOuS: What it do!

Tobyonthetele: Pride month!
by Gamer Squad June 16, 2019
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Anyone who is a member of the lGBTQ community or a supporter

Listen to SKYDXDDY'S "For the Misfits" for more of a breakdown on the word.
"Hey, I just found out ______ is a lesbian."
"Yeah, she's a total misfit."
via giphy
by wearemisfits June 24, 2018
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Look, misfit is already a word but ima make a new meaning because I control all words, the new meaning of misfit is: A misfit is something that’s is really stupid, dumb and bad or should I say because I’m a big boy something that is 🌝shitty🌝
by Ima dumbass April 08, 2021
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