THE BEST BAND IN THE HISTORY OF PUNK ROCK!!!!!!! YAY GLENN DANZIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a tattoo on my wrist that says ONE LAST CARESS
by Vapira138 June 13, 2006
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Sickest punk band ever and anyone who sez otherwize is a cnut.By the way, Foyf is a morron for thinking that reforming with Graves instead of Danzig was a bad idea.Danzig waz better, but Graves still kicks ass!
The nazis were ass-raped at the Misfits show
by Samhain February 27, 2003
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Greates Band Ever. The oldschool misfts are the best band ever. Blending horror and Punk never sounded so good
Michael Graves the new lead singer of the misfits sucks.
by ian March 1, 2005
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kickass horror-punk that died when reformed without Danzig. they'll never be good without him
i miss glen impact with the misfits
by tipsy August 25, 2003
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A small --very small-- group of people... Often considered like this: -crosses two fingers-. Pretty much the loner, social outcasts of the online world... ( Whether want it that way or not. ><;) The leader of the group is often found wearing that. -points to Le Capitan hat- Though, most of the people in this group are known for objects such as: The Faulty Shotgun, HAGs, Ninetails, MLP, the Love Van, the 23 Quadrilad, Chicken Bukaw, ET, Ayools, and...other...stuff. If you would want to find them, for some undisclosed reason... Your best bet would probably be in a tree... Or an inn. A Rhy'Din inn. Oh, the horror of rhyming.
Poor Unfortunate Soul: "...What?! You mean you never told me?! No way! Why should I? You guys are, like, the Misfits! Ah, no! Stay away!"
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A group of retarded gaming youtubers with a dark humor.
Listin to the Misfits podcast.
by Adjacent fag April 8, 2019
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