(U.S.) Marine In Name Only. An individual, usually a politician, who cites his connections to or service in the United States Marine Corps while undermining our men and women in uniform.
Rep. John Murtha has been called a MINO for denouncing U.S. Marines as "murderers" while legislating to cut funding for Armed Forces operations in Iraq.
by Bill_NEPA February 19, 2007
this dude is the best and the hottest , hes funny as FUCK you feel me ? i love him
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by dudecalledmino March 28, 2020
provencal world(southern france) meaning kid
hey mino! comment ca va?
c'est les minos qui jouent dans la cour
by netlock July 24, 2006
An acronym for "Mod(erator) In Name Only"

It's used for a moderator of a forum who doesn't do their job, does it badly, or is just an overall power-hungry fascist.
"Dude, that MINO just banned me for not agreeing with him!"
by Axem Chaotix September 30, 2005
A god that can summon minos in the ocean. He protects all minos.Some say he can be located in Miami or Marco Island. He is also called Paul the Masforroll.
All minos fear the wrath of the Mino God.
by Wherez Zi Flag!!!!! July 7, 2008
Minoing is a verb with the meaning of trying really hard at something (most of the time video games) pronounced mino-ing.
Bro Lugas is minoing Mario Kart so hard!
by Monkebru April 27, 2021
an undiscovered std that a man named mino had created
i feel sick

“did u sleep w someone from mpu


“then that means you have the mino itis”
by juicybaby333 January 28, 2023