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It is one reason why stainless steel bottles are better than plastic bottles. Basically when you grab your stainless steel drink bottle, it is cold to touch. Its like a little teaser just before you are about to drink.

There are so many reasons why stainless steel drink bottles shit on every other alternative that an attempt to list them all would be an exercise in futility. How the fuck has the portable-liquid-containment industry survived for so long without these fckers in the mainstream. A few reasons below:

-It keeps my water chilled for longer giving me a more refreshing drink.

-It is rigid and solid and maintains it's shape. It doesn't crumple like a faggy plastic bottle when subjected to mechanical strain.

-When I drop the cunt it makes a manly noise CLANG CLUNK CA-CHUNK CLANG CLANG CLANG. This is much better than dropping a faggy plastic bottle and getting that soft little pop-pop-p-p-pop-pppppop noise that kinda sounds like two little g0oks in slippers playing table-tennis.

-It is metallic/silver in colour. As you know, guns are also this colour. Guns are hard. that is indisputable.. Compare that to plastic drinking bottles, they are the same colour as...... windows. windows are gay.

-Soldiers' canteens are metallic so they obviously share this opinion.
Be sure to invest in a stainless steel drinking bottle. Seriously, it is the best step you will ever make on the road to finding Mini Chill Thrills and obtaining top-quality, affordable portable-hydration-vessels.
by Quote SHP June 16, 2011
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