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Mingtangi Day is a day that is reserved for the asian society of New Zealand, Much like the New Zealand holiday waitangi day on which the native inhabitants (The Moari) sit around drinking cheap beer and complaining about the white people stealing their land of them. On Mingtangi Day things are much the same. The Asian inhabitants of New Zealand sit around on the floor and eat sushi, occasionally snort wasabi but mostly complain about the whit people not letting them steal their land and laughing at their bad driving. Mingtangi Day is normally one day after Waitangi Day, this means all the non asian or maori people dont have to put up with the complaining for more than two days a year.
Trav: Mingtangi Day sucks!!

Ting-Pow Ming-Lang: YOU KICK MY DOG!!!

Trav: There are lots of asains complaining today...
by Harry_dredge February 06, 2007
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