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A common sickness experienced by builders who play Minecraft for an extended period of time, especially Survival Mode.

Some symptoms of minecraft sickness are:
-renewed fear of the dark
-urge to place torches in a dark hall
-wondering if there's any diamond under your house in real life
-urge to punch trees
-animal abuse
-putting raw pork into stove
Junkie1 and Junkie2 are going camping

1: Bro, its getting dark, we need to light some torches and put them on the trees
2: ok! (gets coal from grill and a stick)
1: no wait i already have some! (gets matches)
2: wait what we thinking! putting torches on trees is just as bad as flint and iron!
1: well if we cant have light, we have to stay up all night and make sure creepers don't get us.
2: we can still make a small fort with the wood around us (punches trees)
1: (comes to senses) oh no! we have minecraft sickness!
by The Yarn Box February 19, 2011
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An effect caused by playing a game of Minecraft for too long.

1. Fear of light. Fear of darkness. Fear of noises that resemble bow-shooting. Fear of SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS noise. Urge to punch trees and animals.
When not playing, you're planning what you'd build next, what area of your MC world you'd go to explore, so on.
Plus, you dream (daydream, too) in blocks.

2. When you finally get sick of minecrafterbating and decide to get outside and roar! You're so proud of yourself you break the habit, you're telling all your friends you quit.
But no need for them to worry, this won't last long, soon you'll be back mining >:-
1. A: man, we went to the field trip today. and there was that herd of sheep - grrrrrrrrrrrrrr, wat a waste of cloth! i soooooooo wanted to punch them!
A: yeah
B: join the club, you have minecraft sickness)))


A: alas, my friends, Ted won't join us at server tonight. he said he has a minecraft sickness ;)
B: oh, like, AGAIN? XD
by DodoSnail July 03, 2011
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The delirious lack of reality in one's own mentality when exposed to long periods of Minecraft play.

Symptoms include thinking Harvest Moon is a good game.
Friend: All the good games have mines in them, ya'know? Spelunky, Minecraft, Harvest Moon.
Yourself: I think you're suffering Minecraft Sickness.
by avatarmonkeykirby January 17, 2011
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1. Causes lack of sleep or lack of feeling a good nights rest in the morning due to: "All I see when i close my eyes is memories of me playing minecraft! even if i try to think of something else! it pisses me off!" and then when morning comes when you wake up but your eyes are closed:"goddammit, minecraft isnt reality stop trying to replace my eyeballs!"

2. when you wake up and minecraft trys to make you think its real by appearing in full blown vividness while your eyes are closed.

3. when you start seeing pixels hexagons and square themed shapes in everything.
fuck i basically explained this in the definition im lazy okay, jeeze. Minecraft sickness
by derpity September 20, 2011
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