A collections of ((extremely cool)) people who regularly 'bump' the PoA thread and GoF thread to help the Super Cool Guy TCH (TheClubHogwarts) to get 1 million posts. We have succeded getting 1 million for PoA, and are continuing on that tradition by (hopefully) getting 1 million for GoF.

Another name for Millionaires of GoF is GoFers. Which we go by.
Example: Millionaires = GoFers!
by Noodle/Rachel3 June 22, 2004
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A guy either born from a crack dealer/head, a rich celebrity, or someone who wishes they were a rich person. A funny smart guy who likes art and not too big on sports although very athletic. A Millionaire is also very stubborn and has mother problems he either dislikes her or loves her too much. He loves computers and art and working out. He has dreams of having money if doesn't already has it and wishes to be normal if he has money. He is inappropriate at times in a funny way. This is a millionaire.
Kid: Hey you wanna watch some basketball!
Millionaire: Nah, the only sports I watch is boxing were people punch other people in the face.

Kid: I knew you were coming!
Millionaire: That's what your mom said to me last night.
Kid: Eww! I meant to my party!
by Anonymus T.A.N.S June 11, 2013
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