The two or three day free-for-all spending spree that immediately follows one's monthly paycheque arrival.
I'm gonna be eating dustbunnies and dandruff sandwiches for the next three weeks...went and jizzed all my wages over millionaires weekend.
by Dave Luke Ford October 05, 2006
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A guy who who gets paid on Friday and is at the bar all weekend. When Sunday rolls around, he's broke.
While in Jamaica, I stopped by the local bar and saw the weekend millionaires spending a lot on drinks. I know come Monday, they'll be broke.
by literary.muse September 01, 2010
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The guy who spends all month working in his dead end job catching public transport everywhere he goes eating value beans and a 9p loaf for 29 days in the month but on payday decides to splash out on a new outfit and hires a limo and laces himself in bling etc to be dropped off at a lavish nightspot frequented by the stars paying four times as much for a drink spending the evening in the armpits of the minders of z type celbrities only to run out of money catch the last free bus home to sit in his one bedroom bedsit and count the mouse droppings on his floor and negotiate the cheese on the mousetraps as he will now need some filling for the sandwiches for the next 29 days starvation and hiperthermia that now awaits him.
His a Weekend millionaire. He may be in a hummer strech limo today but he was asking me yeterday if I wanted fries with that!!!
by Darryl Warren February 25, 2007
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