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An event where hundreds of hipsters line up in front of Apple Stores all around the world to get the latest iDevice, most camping there for days. You're gonna meet some gentle people there.

This "happening", if you like, usually occurs every fall. It's a generational experience for Millennials - just like the original Woodstock was for Baby Boomers - and thus beyond the comprehension of previous generations.

By those attending, Android users are frowned upon just like Vietnam vets were back in the day and Steve Ballmer is hated as ferociously as LBJ once was.
- "Hey man, where's Alix? Haven't seen her in classes for a few days."
- "She's at the Millennial Woodstock".
- "Oh... I wish my mom would let me too. If I didn't tell her, I could leave today".
by Suntory BOSS September 18, 2014
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