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A sub-genre of alternative and punk rock music typically ranging from the mid-to-early 90's to the mid-to-early 00's. This actual tasteful music is generally nostalgic to the Millenial generation as would a Baby Boomer or a Generation X person is to real Classic Rock. Music that typically belongs to this genre would be songs by Green Day, Blink-182, Linkin Park, Seether, Foo Fighters, Breaking Benjamin, and Three Days Grace.
At a party...
Man 1: Someone put some good music on!
Man 2: I'll put my iPhone on and play some MCR.
Man 1: MCR?
Man 2: Millenial Classic Rock. plays a song by Smash Mouth.
Woman: Hey! What's this crap? I haven't heard this song since I was in like, 2nd grade when I was a loser. It's not pump-me-up music ya know? Put some Kanye West on or Nicki Minaj.
Man 2: I hate this generation's music.
by block bros. April 05, 2017
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