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A description of the sensation delivered to the male partner's penis during sexual intercourse, at the point of the female partner's orgasm.

As the female partner reaches orgasm, her uterus, vagina, and anus contract simultaneously at 0.8-second intervals - a small orgasm may consist of three to five contractions; a more substantial orgasm may comprise 10 to 15 contractions. If the male partner can thrust his penis to the fullest extent possible and then cease movement, these contractions will be clearly felt, and they can precipitate his orgasm if he is sufficiently aroused.

Mutual orgasm precipitated in this way is regarded as the ultimate in a couple's journey to complete sexual satisfaction. Furthermore, if fertilisation and pregnancy are goals, the forceful ejaculation of semen and the proximity of the glans of the penis to the contracting uterus will support the transport of semen to the fallopian tubes at the point of, and in the immediate aftermath of, mutual orgasm.

The term 'Milkmaid's Squeeze' dates back to the era when cows were milked by hand, with the teats being rhythmically squeezed and 'stripped' by the milkmaid's hands, directing the milk into a bucket or 'pail'. See also "Dairygirl's Squeeze".
"A delicate question Norman, when are you and Judy going to start a family?"
"We've been trying for a while Mom, and last Monday she gave me a serious milkmaid's squeeze with the right result if you know what I mean, so we're hoping this may be the month."
"Oh I do hope so darling. Your father and I are longing to be grandparents."
by Katie4eyes January 19, 2018
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